Monday, July 14, 2014

Hogle Zoo

Ryan's parents came to visit us this past Saturday and so we thought we would be crazy and all go to the zoo! It actually went much better than I expected, minus the million degree weather.

Little Lucy stayed snug in the stroller almost the whole time while we enjoyed the new attractions that were recently finished.

We were all really sweaty by the end.
Luckily they have giant fans placed all over the zoo that sprays mist. 

Norah sure loves her grandma & grandpa. She kept everyone busy by running all over the place.
You know Norah is really tired when she actually falls asleep in the car, especially when you are in the middle of reading "There's a Wocket in My Pocket". 

I'm not planning on going out again like this for a while longer, atleast until Lucy is a little bit bigger. But it was still really nice getting out of the house for a change. :)


  1. You are a brave woman! I love the hogle zoo but I haven't been in years! It's on my to-do list for after we move.

  2. It is SOOO humid there. I went while pregnant with Phoebe in jeans and almost died. ;) It was SO hot and I was sweating like a beast. But you look GORGEOUS. I forget you wear glasses-LOVE them. :) You beautiful woman! Glad you had fun!