Friday, May 9, 2014

New Beginnings!

Last weekend we went to Hee Haws, the little farm just off the Pleasant Grove exit. They have a bunch of animals to look at, an animal train ride, and a "hay ride" (aka a wagon with a thin layer of hay sprinkled over it).

I know that you should never ask a woman (especially a stranger) if she is pregnant no matter how big her belly may be...but seriously, this poor lady goat looks like she is about to explode.

Enjoying our lovely hay ride. I'm glad it wasn't too long because it was HOT outside!

 All the little chicks and baby ducks were so adorable! The worker said that these little ones were only about 2 weeks old.

We ended our little outing with a trip to Rita's Custard shop. First time for us all and it was delicious:)
Norah was especially pleased that we mentioned ice cream.

In other news, we put in our 30 day notice at our apartment--taking the risk that we would find something within that time period. Less than a week later, we saw a listing on KSL (I had been checking it pretty much every hour) and Ryan stopped by on his way back from work to look at it. I sent in our lease agreement and security deposit this morning, so we are officially moving the beginning of June! It's a bitter sweet feeling, but our new place is a basement apartment with a fenced backyard and playground so it'll be SO much nicer and I'm sure we will absolutely love it. :)


  1. Yay on finding an apartment! They go like hotcakes. It will be nice to have a yard!

    1. The apartment had only been listed for about 30 minutes when I saw it so we were the first ones to call:) it pays off if you look as often as you can! Good luck with your search!

  2. I'm so glad you found such a great place. Where is the apartment at?

    1. We are really glad too! It's in Sandy, so it'll be much nicer for Ryan to commute to Salt Lake for work. :)