Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day

I hope everyone had as happy a memorial day as we did!

We started our day early by heading to my dad's gym for one intense workout. Crossfit is popular for creating crazy hard workouts and naming them after fallen soldiers. The one yesterday was called The Murph, after Lieutenant Michael "Murph" Murphy. Norah even got in on the action:

She gets her strength from her daddy, of course. 

The past couple of months as I would go to the city rec center to workout, Norah and I would pass by the outdoor pool, which was closed for the season, on our way to the car, and every single time she would stop and longingly look at the fun slides that she wasn't allowed to play on. 

Yesterday was the first day they opened the pool so we decided to go! It was really fun, and Norah loved the water and slides.

We finished off our day with a great barbecue at my parents house and visiting my grandparents' graves. We had such a nice time, and we were glad to spend time together for the day. 


  1. Ok that workout video of Norah was totes ADORBS lol. she is getting cuter and prettier every time I see a new pic of her. Thats obvious it was going to happen though since you are her mamma. :)