Monday, May 19, 2014

Every Day Life

Some memories I don't want to forget:

  • We literally had an “is that chocolate or poop” experience with Norah the other day. Unfortunately for all of us, it ended up being the latter.
  • Last week I went with Norah to get updated on her immunizations, something that I have been procrastinating since she turned one. I also got updated on my DTaP and my arm was really sore so I can only imagine how Norah felt after having FIVE shots. She was fine for the first two, but then the third one really stung and she started bawling. Once the nurse was finished and leaving the room, Norah, although she was still crying pretty hard, managed to say “Buh-bye” to her as she walked out the door. It was adorable.
Our battle scars
  • We stopped by Walmart to get a few things and as we walked past the candy aisle Ryan said that he would refrain from getting anything sweet. But then we we got home a lady from our ward dropped off cupcakes for us since we helped clear out a giant tree that fell in their front yard from a big windstorm the other week. Ryan said, “See, I discipline myself from not getting any candy at Walmart and this is how the Lord blesses me.” We seriously have a problem with sweets lately.
  • Last year we bought a pack with 3 bottles that we have used for Norah. We are now down to two bottles and since we don't have a dishwasher they don't get cleaned quite as well as we'd like. So when we were at the store we decided to buy one more bottle, however, we bought a different brand thinking it would be perfectly fine. We warmed up some milk for Norah to drink after dinner and she was very excited to drink it until she didn't recognize the bottle. After politely telling us "no" seventeen times we decided to switch the milk back into one of her old bottles. She quickly grabbed it and guzzled it down. She is a woman of familiarity.

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