Saturday, April 26, 2014

Our Week/Weekend

Norah's drawers are constantly exploding with clothes as I get too busy lazy to rotate through the clothes when she gets too big to wear them. I finally sorted through them the other day and found multiple 3-6 month sizes in there proving my bad habit of procrastination. I decided that one dresser is not going to be enough for both babies if I am going to keep up my reputation as procrastination queen. So I got this awesome little dresser that my hunky dad is helping me refurbish. My plan is to double it as a dresser AND changing table!

I didn't get a chance to take a picture before he started working on it or while the drawers were in so you have to imagine the heinousness. The top of it was completely bowed and looked past saving, but he worked his magic and somehow convinced it to straighten out for us. There were plenty of spots that had been chipped off and were cracking, but a little wood filler fixed that problem! We only finished sanding so I'm excited to put primer on and paint it! My very first refurbishing project (only my dad did most of the work--shh shh shh shh shh)!

Last night we went to the wedding reception for one of Ryan's friends from his mission. Google maps was playing tricks on us so we had a little trouble getting there which made Norah irritated, which made me irritated, which made Ryan irritated. But once we got there and saw they were serving dessert crepes, all of that irritation suddenly dissipated. It's amazing what a little Nutella will do. ;) Check out this beauty:

Norah loved all the attention she was getting as she walked around and said "hi" to everyone.

Ana, one of the members who lived in Tampico while Ryan served his mission, was able to fly up here for the wedding and stay the weekend. It was good to meet her as I know that her family did a lot for Ryan during his stay there in their city. Norah took a liking to her and even wanted to sit on her lap while she ate her fruit. :)

We got together again with her today and went to dinner at The Pizza Factory and then dessert at Sub Zero ice cream where we played the arcade games.

 It's been a good week and I'm glad we were able to spend time with Ana this weekend.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

What's Been Happening at The Grimmetts'

After taking a blogging hiatus for several months, I decided it was time to get my fanny moving again and document our notable events. Now that the school semester is over for me I'll have lots of time to give my religious followers something to read...Right, Mom?? ;)

So, here's a quick recap of what has happened in the past 8 months:

  • I started my first semester as an online student through BYU-Idaho.
  • I started working as a teacher at my mom's preschool, American Legacy Montessori School and Norah got to come along with me. 
  • Norah started learning to walk at 10 months!
  • Norah had her very first halloween dressed as Harry Potter with Ryan and me accompanying her as Ron Weasley (red hair and all) and Hermione Granger. For preschool, Norah dressed as a pumpkin and I borrowed my mom's Snow White costume.
  • I surprised Ryan with the news of my pregnancy by drawing a baby on my belly saying "hi dad!" *Sorry, no picture. I'm sure you're very disappointed glad.
  • Ryan's Brother, Nathaniel, left on his mission to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.
    Grandma Grimmett, Richard, Jeanne, Nathaniel, Ryan, Shawn
  • Norah turned one and we threw a "Very Hungry Caterpillar" themed one year birthday party for her and her two play group friends from our ward, Maribell and Bailey.
  • We announced baby #2 to our families and then soon afterward found out we're having another girl! Now, at 29 weeks, yay!

  • I finished another semester with only one more to go! We've been relaxing since:)
  • We've been looking for a new apartment, preferably closer to Ryan's work and may have possibly found something. We're just waiting to hear back from the manager! 

It's been a pretty good past 8 months and I'm excited for this Summer and all the changes that will come with it. 

"Happy Easter today everyone!" --From the cutest Easter Bunny we know (the one on the right:))!