Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Very Hungry One Year Old!

When we moved to Utah in April, a couple girls in my ward and I started getting together every week for a little play group. haha My mom always teased me about doing play group with a 6 month old, but we loved trading off houses and having lunches together while our babes played on the ground. 

All three of our girls were born just a few weeks apart, so we thought it would be fun to throw a combined birthday party for them! Sarah, Katie and I started planning everything a few months before every week during our lunch time and decided to do a Very Hungry Caterpillar theme. Since we started so far in advance, and since I was excited and didn't have a ton on my plate, we went a little lot overboard. haha

I suggested we take some cute pictures beforehand to send out with the invitations, so we all got together one Saturday morning in October and brought along a bunch of different clothes and bows to coordinate with each other. Except it was a really cold morning, and the girls' noses were runny. We tried to take some inside at my parents' house at first, but they weren't looking very good and each baby took their turn crying, so it meant we didn't get one of all of them not crying haha. 

We tried again outside, even though it was so cold, and just tried to keep it brief. Even though they aren't all smiling, they were content and we called it good. Aren't they adorable! 
Maribell, Bailey, and Norah

We asked my parents if we could do the party at their house since none of ours would be big enough for all the guests. So we went there the night before the party to set everything up. We definitely went overboard, because we were there until past 11pm trying to finish. Katie was exhausted, but said she still had the cupcakes to make, so when she got home and her husband had already made all of them she was so relieved! 

I had made some outfits for all of the girls to wear and they looked so cute in them! Norah had just learned how to walk before this, so it was so sweet to see her toddling around. Ryan's parents drove down to come to the party and as soon as Norah saw them walk in, she ran to them! It was adorable.

Bailey and Norah.

We definitely could have had fewer decorations, but there were so many ideas on pinterest and we sort of fell in the trap of wanting to do them all. haha oops.

We had tables set up for everyone to sit and eat, and so we put our favorite pictures of the girls from their first year on all the tables.

I'm so glad my parents were so willing to host the party. It was wonderful having so many friends and family come celebrate our little girls. We all made these little signs of our girls, and since I procrastinated making Norah's, Ryan helped out and finished it for me. 

These are all the cupcakes that Katie brought! I'm so glad her husband, Scott, made them for her! They were so cute, and the heads were supposed to be the little cakes for the girls to eat when we sang to them.

Like I said, we definitely went overboard. But it was all so cute!

Norah got lots of snuggles from her cousins and family members!

Haha I love this face that Danny is making. 

All the cousins who were able to make it!

Grandma and Grandpa Brand with Norah. I must have forgotten to take one with Ryan's parents because I can't find one anywhere. :(

Katie and Bailey, Me and Norah, Sarah and Maribell.

We had the party right in between Norah's two naps, so it worked out perfectly.

We set up three highchairs, stripped down the girls and let them go at their cakes. I can't remember why we put up the tablecloth behind them...I guess to catch any cake splatters? Bailey and Maribell weren't too interested in their cakes and cried after we sang Happy Birthday, but Norah was pretty excited about all the sugar in front of her. 

It was such a wonderful party and we loved celebrating our baby girl!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Norah's First Halloween

Yesterday, Norah and I went to preschool for our Halloween party! Everyone dressed up, but since we didn't really prepare enough beforehand, my mom lent me the Snow White costume and I swiped the little pumpkin suit from the stash of my childhood costumes. We be cute!

Ryan and I really dropped the ball with planning some costumes, but when it came down to it, we really wanted to go to our ward party dressed up festive-like. So we threw together some things from D.I. grabbed some Harry Potter robes and went as the trio--Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley, of course! Even though we had tried to dye Ryan's hair red and put freckles on his cheeks (clearly a Weasley), everyone kept assuming that we were dressed as Harry's parents. Obviously they had never read/watched Harry Potter since *spoiler alert* his parents are dead. Nevertheless, we had a great time showing Norah the ropes of trick-or-treating.

She was clearly into this candy business.

It was so fun to get out and then go home and plunge into the basket of candy. We only had one family of trick-or-treaters come to our apartment (which we figured would be the case), so we just let them choose from our own candy winnings instead of going out and buying a whole bag dedicated to trick-or-treaters. Haha!

I think we made for a pretty cute Harry Potter trio. :))