Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sensory Overload!

It's been over a month since my last post and I had so many pictures that I wanted to upload so I just made them into collages to condense this blog post. Trust me, you'll want to see to the end. It's worth it! So, here is what we have been doing the past few weeks:

Norah and I walk to the park about a zillion times while Ryan is at work. She loves the swing!

I just thought this picture was funny. Norah's cute chubby thighs are starting to outgrow the bumbo. She likes to stand but when she does the bumbo comes up with her.

This is my version of a house dog. When this cute ball of fluff went on sale at Costco we couldn't resist. Ryan named him Gus and he is SO soft.

 Our apartment has been SO hot so we spend a lot of time at the pool. We babysat a family for a week and they had a pool in their backyard. It was so fun playing in there all together.

The cute little lady turned 8 months in July so I took these pictures to document her little rollie pollie body. :)

 We went to Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake! We are anxious to go there next year when Norah is a little older and when all the construction is finished. They are expanding a TON so a lot of the park was closed off as they were reorganizing. It was still really fun though:)

We drove up to Rexburg to visit Ryan's family while his younger brother, Nathaniel, went though the temple in preparation for his mission to Pittsburg! We visited the carousel and Norah wasn't feeling too well that day but she was still pretty smiley for the most part. I love the picture of Norah and Great Grandpa Grimmett! :)

 We went to Bear World in Rigby for my first time. And although that picture on the left looks like a bear, it was actually a stout little pig in the petting zoo section.

We road a couple of the rides there and even SQUEEZED on the kiddie train together. 

This last weekend we thought we would be super cool parents and take Norah ice blocking. She was not impressed. See her face on the left? No emotion the whole time. Haha!She was more happy just playing with her toy in the grass.

And last, but not least, we have been really into Harry Potter lately. We have been watching the movies this past week and so we decided to have a little Harry Potter dinner party...with just the three of us. Ha! So, while Ryan was gone at work, Norah and I were busy preparing.
You can't really see the giant spider in the left picture, but after it fell from the ceiling I kept accidentally tripping on it and nearly having a heart attack!

 My lovely owls made from balloons. And the golden snitch. Ryan kept trying to catch it, but it was tooo fast!

 Our bathroom served as the chamber of secrets and we ate "turkey" legs and butter beer for dinner.

My favorite peice of decoration was this little picture my mom picked up at a yard sale. It's just like the ones in the movies that talk, move and everything. All you do is press the button and it says, "No password, No Entry!" It's great to have a preschool teacher as your mom as she supplied most of the decorations. 
And Norah played the part of Luna Lovegood if you didn't already guess. Isn't she adorable??? :)
We have lots of fun around here.