Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Rolls Galore

Just a couple of pictures I took of our sweet little chunk:)

 Ryan thought it was mean to show off her rolls, but I love them. Every ripple.

Last week we took Norah for her first experience of strawberry days in Pleasant Grove. Although she couldn't eat the strawberries and cream, we did take her on a little carousel ride!

 Just some cute pictures. Norah was cracking up at Carly dancing around.

Last week when Brittney's kids came over none of them had shoes on so we couldn't walk to the playground just around the corner since I had seen glass last time. So I told them the next time they came they needed to bring shoes so we wouldn't have to stay cooped up in my tiny apartment. Well, when they came back over the other day I heard Braxton sobbing because he realized he didn't have shoes this time. I told him he could use my flip flops. Doesn't he look stylish in these sparkly beauties?

 These boys crack me up. Keeping shoes on them is near impossible.

Norah loves spending time with her cousins.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Beach Baby

 Norah had her first experience at the pool today! I went to Walmart and bought her this cute cute tutu bathing suit for only 8 dollar! After squeezing into a swim diaper and being slathered with sunscreen she was ready to go!
After being in the pool for literally one minute, they blew the whistles for everyone to get out. Poop in the water? Not so sure, but 15 minutes later they blew the whistles again so we jumped back in regardless.

I think Norah had a fun time because we weren't in the car for 30 seconds before she zonked out. She's our sweet and stylish little water baby:)