Monday, May 20, 2013


If you knew my Grandma Hall you would agree with me that she had WAAAAY too much jewelry (well actually she had way too much of everything--one time I counted nine clocks in her bedroom).
So, my mom dumped all of the junk jewelry on me to go through and get rid of whatever I didn't want.
 Here is just a fraction of her brooches. Yes, these are all brooches. I don't know why she would wear those creepy lady faces on the left, but you never know, right? You could play "I spy" for a long time with a stash like this.

 This is a necklace charm. I'm definitely wearing it.

Don't you like this lovely froofie necklace? It still smells like her even after four years. :)
You never saw my grandma without some sort of trinket of jewelry.

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