Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Notable Goings On

 This past weekend Ryan and I finally were able to buy another car! Yay! After a nightmare of an experience with the Velocity dealership, Ryan started searching again for deals on KSL and found a small dealership HERE run by a husband and wife. They were so nice and we felt like they were very honest with us. If anyone is looking for a car, we would recommend going through them. A girl came in to their office when we were there and said she wanted to buy a car through them just based on the good reviews she read about them online. We are really happy about our car!

We went out to Tucanos yesterday to celebrate Brittney's birthday! We didn't get a complimentary dessert but they did sing and have us do a little jig:)

Mom, Brittney, Norah, Hannah
Ryan's parents came into town for memorial weekend to visit us, but let's be honest, they really came to see Norah! :) She sure likes all the attention.

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