Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Goodbye BYU, Hello Preschool

After several long and frustrating calls with my school counselor I realized that a majority of my credits from BYU Idaho weren't going to transfer over to BYU Provo. I would literally have to go through eight more semesters at Provo, which would put me at a total of 15 semesters in college for a bachelor's degree. Wasn't very appealing to me.
So long story short, I am finishing my degree online through BYU Idaho as a university studies major and will be finished in TWO semesters! I can go on and get my masters in teaching which will certify me, so really there is no need to basically start over just to get my bachelor's in education.
So, now that I am able to take summer off I am working with my mom in her preschool (yay)! Norah is constantly being entertained by the other kids. It's a win-win-win.

I finally called the school today to let them know I wouldn't be attending after all, and although I was a little sad to see BYU Provo slip away, I am so so so happy I can stay home with Norah and watch her grow so fast! I love love love my little Norah bean. :)

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  1. YAY!!!! That is GREAT news! I'm glad it will work out so much better! Going online through BYU-Idaho is good because you HAVE to stay on top of it and they usually aren't very hard classes. Good luck with all of it!