Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dinosaurs, Gorillas, and Noa, Oh My!

Ryan and I borrowed my nephew, Noa, so we had a good excuse to go over to the carnival at the school next door. Here's the view from our doorstep. Noa asked which door we needed to go through to get there.

Noa was on the go. I was waiting a while for him to come out of one of the slides and finally found him trying to get a running start and get over the slippery slope.

Norah was completely content just chomping on her toes the whole time.

We had two tickets left so we had Noa play a game and he won a whistle! I tried to get a picture of him underneath the giant gorilla but he just said, "No thanks", and ran off. Well, at least he's polite!

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