Friday, May 24, 2013

Darth Maul Infatuation

 My cute nephew, Braxton, turned 5 yesterday and so I offered to make him a cake. Recently, Braxton has been into Star Wars and has particularly taken a liking to Darth Maul. So, I decided to get a little creative with the cake.
I tried making my own frosting, but am a failure in such areas so I just bought some. I looked up some ideas online and decided to trace Darth Maul's face onto wax paper, frost the lines, and then press it on top of my already frosted cake.

This black icing was rather disappointing. The tip was basically flat so I had to use a toothpick in order to get fine lines. It wasn't working out so well so I just gave up and improvised the bottom half of his face.

 I tried pressing the icing from the wax paper onto the frosted cake but since it was in the freezer previously, the icing hardened and didn't stick. Doi. So I basically had to redo the lines straight onto the cake...again with a toothpick. I am proud to say that I did end up making my own red frosting and I was able to finish decorating it just before preschool graduation! What do you think?

We all sang to Braxton and cut the cake

What a handsome guy. :)


  1. Holy crap. You're amazing! And that wax paper trick is a good idea..if it works. haha!

  2. Hannah, you little professional cake decorator!! I like Avatars so ya know... if you could just work your magic. haha. Just kidding. (not but really) :p This is really amazing and I think you have a hidden talent you need to perfect. CAKE BOSS!