Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bloody Nose, Poop, and Runny Mascara

My mom attended the BYU Women's Conference today and left Brittney and me with 25+ rowdy preschoolers.
After being outside for just a few minutes a little boy jumped off the trampoline and ran towards me with blood gushing out of his nose. I ran him inside with another little boy who kept insisting he needed to go to the bathroom again. If you just imagine one boy leaning over the sink bleeding everywhere and one boy squatting on the toilet trying to help us stop the bleeding by handing us dirty toilet paper, you'd have a perfect picture.
It was the third day this week that we served popcorn for snack time. And one little girl told me exactly what she thought of that, "I like Miss Rebecca so much more than you because she doesn't just give us popcorn for snack, sometimes she gives us grapes too." 
I wanted to say, "Listen, kid, do you think that I want popcorn for my snack after having it two times this week?? This is exactly what Miss Rebecca would give you if she were here, so pipe down and eat your popcorn!" However, I refrained. She then proceeded to fake cry and say (these are exactly her words, verbatim), "I am trying not to cry because I don't want my mascara to smear. It's my mother's birthday in a few days and we are going out for a party after my make up everywhere?"
Keep in mind this is a 4 year old. No, she didn't have make up on, but I can just imagine her in ten years. 
We made it through snack time and ended with Brittney reading some stories. Preschool is always an adventure, especially when Miss Rebecca is absent:)

Just a funny picture.

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  1. You and Brittney are da bombitybombs. And to think all this was going on while I was just working away in the kitchen unaware of all the excitement.