Monday, April 29, 2013

5 Month Sweetheart and Other Events

Norah turned 5 months on Friday! 
She has recently learned how to use her voice and squeals/screams all day for fun.
I love this girl and every one of her leg rolls:)

Janel is leaving to Alaska for the summer so she and her roommates threw a goodbye barbecue. It was so fun and Norah enjoyed the fresh air. We will miss Janel!

Ryan took Norah home to get ready for bed and let me go out to dessert and a movie with my family. Norah is smitten by his big brown eyes and dimples.

Have you been to The Roll Up Cafe in Orem? It's our new favorite place. With literally a whole nutella-filled wall and giant chocolate drizzled crepes, the Brand family is in heaven. Just watch for the big owl in front of the building.

Check out that giant dessert crepe! It was devoured within 30 seconds, including a licked-clean plate.

Dad, Sara, Ron, Me, Danika, Brittney, and Jeff


  1. What a fun time!! We'll have to do it again SOON!!

  2. hehe this is nice. I love Dad's face

  3. That was so much fun! And the crepes were good, too!