Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Four Months Today!

Today our little Norah doll is 4 months! My mom gave her a cute little tutu for Christmas so I've been getting monthly photos of her wearing it. She wasn't super smiling for pictures this morning, but I got a couple cute shots of her in some tutus:


It has been so fun to watch Norah grow and learn new things. Here are a few things that have happened this past month:
She has learned to grab more accurately which results in a lot of hair loss on my part.
She doesn't laugh a ton but she found her voice and "talks" to herself all the time now.
A few weeks ago she was laying on her tummy and rolled over! I'm sure she would have done it sooner but we haven't been very consistent with tummy time :B
Recently, whenever I sit her up on the couch she tries to lean forward to sit up on her own but just ends up falling over. Haha!
Because of school, we switched to pure formula and it has relieved me of a lot of stress.
This past week she got a cold, but has been such a trooper. The first night she was feeling sick I put her to bed at 8:00pm and slept until 8:00am!! Since then she has slept from 8:00pm to 7:30/8:00am consistently! It is truly amazing how different I feel.
I'm pretty sure Norah has a crush on her daddy. I don't blame her, but it is a little annoying when she schedules all her poopy diapers for when he isn't around to change them.

He's making her laugh and smile in these pictures:

He's such a good daddy:)

All is well in Rexburg:)

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