Monday, March 18, 2013

Cause for Celebration!

We got to go visit my family this past weekend in Utah. We spent Friday night cheering on my dad at the Crossfit competition. He was awesome! Ten minutes of intense box jumping, and lifting 115 pounds up and over his head. He ended up doing 209 reps! Way to go daddy! Is he not the sexiest man alive, or what?!

On Saturday night Ryan and I stopped by his cousin, Allyson's wedding reception. It was very nice and we are so happy for them (sorry no picture).

On Sunday, Brooklyn gave her farewell talk in sacrament meeting and it was so completely beautiful. We are so excited for her to serve in Portugal! We spent the afternoon eating way too much delicious food and taking lots of pictures. 

Ryan, Norah, Hannah, Danika, Joe, Holly, Greg, Brittney, Dennis, Brooklyn, Brett, Dad, and Aubrey
We have never celebrated St. Patrick's day before, but since it was Brooklyn's farewell party and you can never have too much dessert, I decided to copy a cake from pinterest for the event!
Here is how it turned out:

And if you cut it open.....

TA DA! It took me about 2 hours just to frost the cake, but it was fun to show off! :)
I found the instructions here.

My mom even got into the St. Patrick's day spirit! All the kids thought it was Norah's doing. Her foot did match pretty closely!

It was such a fun weekend and we were glad to say one last goodbye to Brooklyn before she leaves in a couple weeks! We are always sad to come back from vacation and face reality. AKA our messy house.

All is well in Rexburg.


  1. awwwwwww such a great weekend!! I love you Hanny!! xoxoxoxoxo

  2. My favorite is seeing scriptures among the mess. It makes the mess a good mess^^