Sunday, February 10, 2013

Norah's Blessing Day

Norah was blessed this morning in our ward in Rexburg and some of my family was able to drive up for the occasion. 

She wore the same dress that I wore for my baby blessing. My mom also made this afghan blanket and took pictures of me and all of my siblings for our blessings. The little flower doily thing on Norah's wrist was also mine for my blessing day and then I wore it in my hair for my baptism day. Just holding up family tradition! ;))

 After I got ready for the day, Brooklyn and I realized that we were wearing pretty much the same outfit! So of course we had to document it! She will be leaving for her mission in a couple of months and I don't know how I am going to survive without her! 

The blessing was so beautiful! I was nervous beforehand that Norah would be crying the whole time since she was due for a feeding at the time, but she slept right up until it was time to take her up and then didn't make a peep! Ryan did a great job and we were so happy for all the support from family, especially those who traveled to get there!

We love our little Norah. As soon as we got back to Ryan's parents' house for the luncheon, Norah wanted everyone to know that she was officially done with pictures. She just wanted to get out of that dress, in comfy jammies, and back in bed! We love our little Norah girl.