Sunday, December 9, 2012

Our Little Glow Worm

After being released from the hospital, we knew that we had to go back in for some testing since Norah was too high on her bilirubin levels, meaning that she had jaundice. She was doing better once we were discharged, but we had to take some blood samples again, just to check. We went to the hospital test lab several times over the course of a few days to see if she was improving, but her levels were not getting any better. I couldn't handle it when they would prick her foot and she would scream and cry. I was already so emotional, I hated that she was getting poked and prodded, and it would really set me off. 

Finally, after about a week, the doctor decided that her levels were not going to improve on their own, so they prescribed her to use a bilirubin blanket. She was required to wear it on her skin 24/7 until her jaundice levels calmed down. I was so emotionally undone about the whole situation. I felt like the nurses and doctors weren't explaining everything in a way that I could understand and so I would jump to conclusions and assume the worst. Ryan was very supportive and assured me that the blanket would solve the problem in a very short time.

You can tell in this picture that her skin looks yellow. These pictures aren't very good quality, but I love how it shows her tiny little features.

Her poor feet had pricks all over them. 

She makes for a pretty darling glowing baby.

Her little bruised hands just break my heart. She had IVs in both of her hands while she was in the NICU, and they are still healing.

We love our little Norah, and it's been so fun having Ryan by my side. She was only on the bilirubin blanket for 24 hours. I was expecting it to take a LOT longer, but I was so completely relieved to hear the results were improving and she was on the mend.

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