Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Travels

For Christmas this year, we had planned to go to my parents' house. But since Ryan's cousin, Callie, was getting married a week and a half before Christmas, we planned to drive down to Utah for the wedding and just leech off of my parents until after the new year. 

I was really excited to drive down and see my family since no one except my mom had seen Norah yet. I had been so incredibly stressed out from finishing the school semester and so I was ecstatic to have a break (and get some much needed rest).

Callie and Jake's wedding was so nice, and the reception was really fun. I, however, had chosen the absolute worst dress to wear for feeding Norah. Ryan and I had to hunt for a secluded room for me to feed Norah. Since my dress didn't stretch one bit, I basically had to strip all the way down, praying that no one would walk in and awkwardly find me sitting on a metal church chair trying to cover myself with a coat haha. ANYWAY, it was fun spending the night with Ryan's side of the family, and Callie and Jake looked so cute.

For the next week, we just bummed around my parents' house. We celebrated our one year anniverary by going to dinner and a movie. I was pretty anxious the whole time since we had left Norah with Brooklyn. But she had done really well and most likely didn't even notice I was gone.
Don't mind my gross wet hair in this picture. I had just jumped out of the shower and my mom insisted on getting a photo that second to commemorate our special day. And I'm glad she did, because we didn't end up taking any pictures the rest of the night! *teardrop

May came to visit and meet Norah for the first time. It was special since my own grandma had already passed away, so May has sort of become my adopted grandmother. :))

Ryan's sister, Janel, said that she was going to travel up to Rexburg for the 23rd and 24th, and drive home late Christmas Eve since she had to work on Christmas day. So we decided to go with her and spend part of Christmas with Ryan's family. Ryan was especially excited because we bought his dad a new driver for his present from us.

The visit was short, but it was so fun to be there for a couple of days before heading back down to Utah for the rest of the Christmas break. We drove all the way to Blackfoot from Rexburg (About a 40 minute drive) and stopped at a gas station only to realize that Norah wasn't actually buckled in her carseat! Yikes!! She had been resting in the carseat with a blanket over her and so when it was time to leave we just picked her up, assuming she was buckled. I'm so glad we stopped and noticed. What a scary thought! Janel and I took her into the gas station because she had a major blowout. Unfortunately, the only thing we had access to was a little onesie and it was freezing outside (first time parents, or what?). Janel helped me change Norah and we were back on the road.
Once we headed through Salt Lake City, the roads were so bad, people were slipping and sliding all over the freeway. One car even stopped in the middle of the freeway and the person got out(?!?!) to help the car that they had rammed into. We were so glad we made it back to my parents' house in one piece. 

My sister stayed the night with her three kids and they were surprised with so many presents the next day, including a big power car. I think by that point, though, they had so many presents that it was kind of overwhelming and so they weren't exactly impressed anymore haha.

It ended up being such a fun Christmas being with family. It was the best first Christmas I could have asked for for Norah.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Norah's Newborn Pictures

I was so happy that we got to take newborn pictures with the same photographer who was there for Norah's birth. I always heard that it's best to take newborn pictures between 3-10 days old, and so when we had to reschedule due to Norah being on the bilirubin blanket, I was sad that we might not get any sleepy baby pictures (ha! emotions were running high). However, Aja did a phenomenal job, and we were only working in her baby's nursery at her house! I loved every one that she took.

I love this picture of Ryan's ring symbolizing his love and commitment to our marriage and family. 


Norah was so sweet the whole time and only peed through one of her blankets haha!

A week later, I had one of my friends come over to my house and take some more pictures of Norah as well as show me how to use my camera. She caught some really cute ones. 

This picture cracks me up! Just the biggest yawn ever.

I'm so happy to have these pictures of sweet little baby Norah. 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Our Little Glow Worm

After being released from the hospital, we knew that we had to go back in for some testing since Norah was too high on her bilirubin levels, meaning that she had jaundice. She was doing better once we were discharged, but we had to take some blood samples again, just to check. We went to the hospital test lab several times over the course of a few days to see if she was improving, but her levels were not getting any better. I couldn't handle it when they would prick her foot and she would scream and cry. I was already so emotional, I hated that she was getting poked and prodded, and it would really set me off. 

Finally, after about a week, the doctor decided that her levels were not going to improve on their own, so they prescribed her to use a bilirubin blanket. She was required to wear it on her skin 24/7 until her jaundice levels calmed down. I was so emotionally undone about the whole situation. I felt like the nurses and doctors weren't explaining everything in a way that I could understand and so I would jump to conclusions and assume the worst. Ryan was very supportive and assured me that the blanket would solve the problem in a very short time.

You can tell in this picture that her skin looks yellow. These pictures aren't very good quality, but I love how it shows her tiny little features.

Her poor feet had pricks all over them. 

She makes for a pretty darling glowing baby.

Her little bruised hands just break my heart. She had IVs in both of her hands while she was in the NICU, and they are still healing.

We love our little Norah, and it's been so fun having Ryan by my side. She was only on the bilirubin blanket for 24 hours. I was expecting it to take a LOT longer, but I was so completely relieved to hear the results were improving and she was on the mend.