Friday, June 29, 2018

Moving On, Moving Up!

Yes! We are moving! Their faces in this photo crack me up because Norah is feeling all sentimental about the whole ordeal (she was very concerned/mournful when we sold our kitchen table and chairs), Lucy is pretty excited about the prospect of bunk beds, Jane is just over there picking her nose, not seeming to care too much, and I’m all glitter and sparkles about buying our very first home! 
We’ve been in our home for 3 years now and we’ve made some great memories, but we are so excited! Norah was 2.5 when we moved here and even though she was so little, it was still a big adjustment for her. 

Here we are at our home we've rented for the last 3 years. 

This is us last year at the same time.

And this is us when we very first moved in. I didn't take a photo of us all after living there for a year, which is kind of sad, but oh well. It's funny to see how everyone has grown so much, especially Jane! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚
It's funny to think that when we moved in, we thought we would only be here for a year, but I'm glad we stayed and made so many good friends. We will definitely miss our AWESOME ward and I will especially miss Relief Society (something I thought I'd never say haha), however I've already met a few people in our new neighborhood and I'm so excited to live there!

I'll write more about our experience finding our new home once we actually move in, but here is a photo of the house that we are supposed to be closing on next week!

One-On-One Dates!

Norah has been asking about going out on a hot date, just us two, for quite a while. Every now and then we'll go run an errand together, but I thought we should do something more special. A couple days before, she got in my lap and said, "I want to spend more time together just you and me" so we set a date and she was SO excited about it. 

The girls took baths and got ready for bed, and Norah and I got ready to go out for a treat. Lucy was feeling really sad about being left behind and started crying, but I told her that I would take her out two days later so she was a little consoled by that idea. Jane, however, really didn't understand and wouldn't calm down enough to let me explain that she would get her turn. She had just got out of the bath and was naked except for a shirt, but she was so anxious to come, she was scrambling to grab her shoes and run after us, naked bum and all. It was SO sad/sweet and it broke my heart. πŸ’”πŸ˜’πŸ˜­

Norah and I thought about getting ice cream, but then we saw a shaved ice stand on the way and decided to do that instead. We were the only ones there and she got to choose from tons of flavors of juice. She went with the birthday cake flavor. ;)

We chatted for a little bit and these are my favorite takeaways: 

When I’m grown up ad you’re having a tough time with a new baby--if you have another baby--I’ll, like, help you take care of the baby while you take care of the house.

I asked her what she loves about being five: I love being little. Because we get to snuggle more and play more and chat more.

Totally random remark: I’ll really miss you when you’re like dead. πŸ˜‚

We finished our snow cones and then drove to this field that I've been wanting to check out. 

It was beautiful, but Norah said she was starting to get tired so we wrapped it up.

We rolled down a hill just before leaving, though she was careful to cover her face because "it just scratches".

We went home and while I was tucking her in bed we had this little conversation:

Norah: I wish that daddy and Lucy and Jane were disappeared and that it was just you and me.
Me: You would miss them! It’s so fun to have sisters. 
Norah: Well yeah, and then they would appear. πŸ˜†

Norah is so sweet and sensitive and my big helper! I'm so glad we got to go out on a hot date and she can't wait for our next one!

I took Lucy out a couple days later and leaving the house wasn't much easier. It was Norah's turn to be sad about us leaving her behind. πŸ˜₯

Lucy was VERY excited about being able to sit in Norah's booster instead of her own carseat (something she always tries to do whenever we go anywhere--in fact, that is the one thing she wanted for her birthday, however, I just want to keep her in a 5 point for as long as we can😬). She got to watch a little movie during the drive just like Norah which is quite a treat since we reserve movies in the car for long trips only. 

We stopped for ice cream and Lucy chose the birthday cake one just like Norah coincidentally πŸ˜‹

I tried chatting with her and asking questions, but she was so distracted by the cars passing and people eating and all sorts of things haha so we mostly just ate in peace.

We stopped at another little spot close by for some pictures of her. haha this one cracks me up! πŸ˜†

I told her it was time to go and she tried all sorts of tricks to get me to extend the time. We decided to walk right over to the reception center next door for a few more pictures and she was more than willing to model if it meant staying up later haha


It was still a little bit of a battle getting her back home and into bed, but she had so much fun and I hope this can be a fun memory for her! 

Jane and I had to postpone our date so we had a little mini outing together while the older girls were at a friend's house for the morning. She got a sucker and said, "Just me and mommy" because she was so happy to have me all to herself! I didn't get any pictures, but we'll do a proper date together soon and I'll definitely get some then. Love my girls so much!


I took Jane out on a date tonight after finishing this post. She was so excited when I asked if she wanted to go! The other girls, of course, burst into tears when we were about to leave. I don't know if there is really anything I can do to help that from happening, but hopefully once we make this a regular thing, it'll get better on it's own. 🀷

It was close to bedtime so I thought we would make it quick and just do a walk around the block together with a popsicle. She was in heaven!

She was licking her popsicle so much that when I asked her to smell the rose, she got confused and licked it instead haha

Just a mom with her camera and a girl with her popsicle.

I love this one of her looking up. She spotted the cow across the street so we went over to have a look.

We walked over to say hi to the cow and when we were standing at the fence he ran over really fast! Then when we were trying to feed him grass he moo'd really loud and scared the beejeezeez out of us! haha

It was only about 20 minutes, but she totally loved it and felt so special to get her own time. She walked into the house and yelled at Ryan, "We went on a date!"

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

🌈The Biggest, The Loudest, The CRAZIEST Party Ever! 🌈

On Saturday we celebrated our Lucy a few days early with a Trolls themed birthday party! We love the movie Trolls with all the music, dancing, and really fun bright-colored animation! I thought about dressing up as Trolls for Halloween last year, but decided it would be way too much work, which ended up being a good thing because another family in our neighborhood dressed up as trolls and totally knocked it out of the park! Besides, as much as we love Trolls, Annie is always going to be our favorite. ;) 

Anyway, the week leading up to Lucy's party, I made these paper fans for the backdrop whenever I got a minute and that way it didn't feel too overwhelming. I was feeling a little uninspired about doing a big party for her for the last couple of months, which is out of the norm because I usually like planning several months in advance, so I'm just glad it all pulled together so quickly. 

I wanted to see if I could make it even easier by having walmart make a cake for me like they did for Jane's Dr. Seuss party, but I guess they don't do that anymore. boo. So I just made it myself and totally improvised. The girls loved it and it was actually pretty fast to put it together. I topped it with some figurines and voila!

The heart-shaped sandwiches were totally unnecessary, but they were super cute and the girls liked them! I made the little rainbow sign behind them in photoshop and printed it for 66¢ πŸ€—

This photo was from a few days before when Lucy and I went out on a one-on-one date together, which I'll have to write about soon. I loved it so much so I wanted to display it along with some flowers from our garden. 

Lucy was so excited about the cake and having friends over! Ryan's parents had come into town the night before, so she was loving having them over for a visit!

Our super sweet neighbor, Beverly, came to visit for a few minutes and even gave Lucy a card with $5 in it! It was actually her 80th birthday that same day, so it was very nice of her to drop by! She's always been so sweet with my girls and they LOOOVE her! Every time we see her outside they yell to her and want to go say hi. And if they see her while we are inside then they will knock on the window until she waves back! Lucy is so comfortable just getting up on her lap! 

Norah had been so patient waiting to dig into all of the goodies! I tried to keep the treats light this time and limit the sugar to just the cake. 

It was so nice of all our friends and family to come support Lucy! We all sang Happy Birthday and had her blow out the candles! 

Then everyone chatted outside while kids played. We tried to find those cheap $1 skirt guns, but they were nowhere to be found, so I bought a pack of those wonder water balloons that fill up at the same time. They were pretty cool to get them all to fill, but they lasted exactly 15 seconds. The kids went through them SO fast. I kept thinking, man, I paid like ten times as much for those water balloons, but I guess we also spent a LOT less time filling them up haha ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I really didn't spend that much time putting her party together, but I was exhausted afterwards. I fell asleep on the couch at about 6:00 and was woken up to sushi being delivered for dinner! The best! haha

I'm so glad we got to celebrate our sweet Lucy girl! She really brings such joy and energy into our family! Now we just need to figure out what we are going to do for her actual birthday tomorrow! haha😁

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Entrepreneur of The Year Gala

A few weeks ago, Ryan came home and told me that he was invited to a black tie event in honor of his company and the founders being nominated for an award. They said it was going to be fancy and since Ryan didn't have a suit, he took it as the time to finally go and get one. I didn't have anything fancy either, so I went and tried on dresses too, but definitely didn't want to spend over $100 on something I probably wouldn't wear again, especially since I didn't really like anything I tried on. Lucky for me, I have the most stylish older sister who is all about the glam. Brittney let me try on all sorts of her dresses and we settled on a pretty lacy black one. 

We both felt so fancy (and a little out of place tbh). The event was being held at The Grand America hotel in Salt Lake and we saw so many people dressed to the nines! We were still pretty casual compared to some. 

We got our table number and saw that we were assigned to table 4. We walked into the ballroom and when we saw that the table in the very back was numbered 96, we realized that we must be situated at the VERY front. And we sure were. Our table was literally directly in front of the stage!

There was a live band playing and they were absolutely amazing! The girl had the most beautiful jazz voice and I would have thought it was just a recording for how perfect it sounded. 

This video doesn't really do it justice!

We were served a fancy schmancy meal and it was delicious! I kept thinking of the quote from Anne of Green Gables (ha!) when she says, "In the end, I'd still prefer the sound of the wind in the firs across the brook more than the tinkling of crystal.” It was really fun acting uptown and elegant, but I definitely felt a sense of displacement and would rather just play the part on the rare occasion.

There was a photographer there, and you can see just how close we were to the stage. There we are in the right hand corner!

The program was quite long, but every nominee had a video of their company, including a few special awards like the young girl in the picture above (She created zippers that can be sewn on to clothes for people with diabetes in order to take their insulin shots). 

Every time the judges came up to announce the winner in each category, the band would do a drum roll and then as soon as the names were given they would start singing snippets of popular songs. It was amazing and one of my favorite parts!
Our category was in the Health and Life Sciences and when the judges announced that Collective Medical had won, the band burst out into Gnarles Barkley's song, Crazy. 

It was so exciting, although I wasn't too surprised because I just feel that the three founders have made such an amazing product and have worked tirelessly to get where the company is today.

I tried to attach the acceptance speech, but couldn't figure out a way to put it on here, so here is a link instead:

Wylie van den Akker (CTO), Chris Klomp (CEO), and Adam Green (CISO).

All the winners in all categories

After the program, there was a social gathering in the next room with dancing and even donuts on the wall haha. 

We were exhausted, so we didn't stay long, but I was so excited for Ryan's company and really honored that we were extended the invitation out of so many people in the office.